HQ UK Investment

HQ UK Investment
Business Summary:
HQ UK invests in startups and existing businesses, helping them to grow or scale. We can help speed up the time it takes for a business to reach its milestones or help it attract more clients.
Business Description:
HQ UK is essentially a seed funder, providing an initial investment to get a business off the ground. The amounts invested typically range between £100k-£250K, backed by Angel Investors experienced in identifying micro businesses capable of growing or scaling.
Product Summary:
Look what we can do; Content and documentation creation, Software providers, Bookkeeping services, Business support services, Flexible resource to allow for scaling and growing, Access to a class leading communications company, Access to a cost reduction company

We utilise all of these as part of our investment to support and create new opportunities with investments
Service Summary:
HQ UK has at its disposal, five offshore centres, employing hundreds of support staff. We have specifically set up what could be termed as ‘Business Factories’ with HQ TSZ and Idea to Business Factory.

In order to achieve appropriate returns, HQ UK has also invested in various UK support and professional support businesses, IntoSums Accounting, Techs 4 Tech, Admin Hotline, The DM Hub, iTegrate and OS consultants. These partner companies also employ hundreds of staff.
Contact Email:
29A & B Church Street
NG18 1AF

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